Iván Castiñeiras Gallego

Iván Castiñeiras Gallego is a filmmaker, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor who lives and works in Barcelona. He teaches at Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) and Escola Afilm. His work is carried out from a long artisan process, in which the reality and the socio-political context of the characters portrayed are the pillar of the creative journey. In his films, fiction and documentary are intertwined and diluted, to construct a narrative from a slightly displaced prism. Territories, borders, and the human beings that inhabit the margins, are recurring themes in his filmography.

His films, including A Raia (2012),  Where is the jungle? (2015), and Trajectory Drift (2018), have been selected at prestigious festivals such as IndieLisboa, DocLisboa and Punto de Vista.


In a container, between crates of merchandise, two men talk about their exile. Their stories and their crossing of endless borders come together in a common dream: to reach England.