Iedere maand licht een handvol niet te missen kortfilms uit, te zien in een bioscoop of museum in Vlaanderen of Brussel, of online.
Every month, highlights a handful of must-see short films, screening in a cinema or museum in Flanders or Brussels, or online.

May 2024

Barbara Meter, born in 1939, is one of The Netherlands’ leading experimental filmmakers. Recently, the Eye Filmmuseum restored much of her work, including Andante Ma Non Troppo. In it, Meter explores what it means to look with the camera.

The Brussels Porn Film Festival was created to gain greater recognition for the role of pornography in film history. The programme features alternative porn of various kinds, including this short collage work by Colombian visual artist Marco Antonio Nunez, in which the filmmaker cobbles together his erotic fantasies, using torn-out phalluses and other magazine clippings.

In an exercise of ironic self-awareness, Chantal Akerman tries to deal with her own procrastination by making a film about laziness itself. The film is part of a collective project in which seven women each are making a short film about one of the deadly sins.

The Newest Olds is Pablo Mazollo’s experimental portrait of Detroit in which he unpacks the buildings from their foundations and blurs the political and sensory boundaries between Canada and the United States, through in-camera and optical printing techniques—a transformation of iconic cityscapes.

Conceptual artist Emily Jacir creates films and installations that focus on the oppression of the Palestinian people. In this intimate film, simultaneously a video essay and a diary, Jacir pleads to register  her childhood home and neighbourhood, “before a crime is inevitably committed.”