Een gecureerde collectie korte films, met ruimte voor fictie en non-fictie, animatie en videokunst, experiment en crossovers. Belgische kortfilms vormen de ruggengraat van de catalogus, en worden gekoppeld aan een inhoudelijk, thematisch, vormelijk of anders aanvullende dan wel contrasterende internationale kortfilm, gekozen door een gastcurator uit het werkveld.
De films in deze collectie zijn individueel beschikbaar via video on demand, met Engelse en Nederlandse ondertiteling. Abonneren kan ook: voor €25 krijg je een jaar lang toegang tot de volledige catalogus. Daarmee steun je niet alleen ons magazine en filmkritiek, maar ook de betrokken filmmakers. Driewekelijks wordt een nieuwe double bill gepubliceerd.
A curated collection of short films, with room for fiction and non-fiction, animation and video art, experiments and crossovers. Belgian short films form the backbone of the catalog and are linked to a thematically, formally or otherwise complementary or contrasting international short film, picked by a guest curator from the industry.
All films in this collection are available individually via video on demand, with English and Dutch subtitles. For only €25/year you can subscribe to the entire catalogue. This way you not only support our magazine and short film criticism, but also the filmmakers involved. A new double bill is published every three weeks.
© All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Enzo Smits, 2014)

A portrait of a group of young skateboarders growing up in a Flemish suburban town. We meet different characters going through their daily routines: riding around on their skateboards, waiting, hanging out, daydreaming...

Gecureerd door Curated by Ren Scateni
© I Am Good At Karate (Jess Dadds, 2021)
I Am Good At Karate

Portrait of a young teenager with mental health issues who is passionate about karate. They wander around a housing estate in East Kent locked in verbal and physical battles with a hallucinatory demon made of football shirts.

© À l'usage des vivants (Pauline Fonsny, 2019)

In 1998, Semira Adamu, a 20-year-old Nigerian immigrant, was murdered on Belgian soil by suffocation under a police pillow. Twenty years later, two women tell her story in a joint cry for justice.

Gecureerd door Curated by Ana David
© Trajectory Drift (Iván Castiñeiras Gallego, 2018)
Trajectory Drift

In a container, between crates of merchandise, two men talk about their exile. Their stories and their crossing of endless borders come together in a common dream: to reach England.

© Trains de plaisir (Henri Storck, 1930)

The beach and its sunbathers. A series of sketches, small moments that culminate in a wry, loving portrait of a Sunday at the beach.

Gecureerd door Curated by Nanako Tsukidate
© Night Train (Aya Kawazoe)
Night Train

A young couple in Kyoto. The girl makes up an excuse to run away from her monotonous life.

© Note on Multitude (Ibro Hasanović, 2015)

Intimate, emotional and sometimes violent moments of farewell: men, women and children leave their homes for an (unknown) future as migrants.

Gecureerd door Curated by Aleksandra Ławska
© The Migrating Image (Stefan Kruse Jørgensen, 2018)
The Migrating Image

By following a fictional group of refugees across Europe, the film questions the overproduction of images surrounding real-life tragedies and deaths.

© The Summer Movie (Emmanuel Marre, 2018)

A film about highways, tourists, concrete picnic tables, lukewarm melons and carwashes. About a man who wants to leave and a child who stops him. A summer movie.

Gecureerd door Curated by Nina Rodríguez
© Lo Que No Se Dice Bajo El Sol (Eduardo Esquivel, 2017)
Under the Sun

Ana's life changes radically, she divorced at the age of 40. Every day, it gets harder to keep pretending that everything is fine in front of her family.

 © elephantfish (Meltse Van Coillie, 2018)

A ship drifts in the middle of an endless sea. Aboard we find a crew of five. They all cope with boredom — some by trying to overpower it; others by escaping into a parallel world, guided by dreams.

© Sirène (Raoul Servais, 1968)

A lonesome angler becomes a witness to an eccentric idyll between a cabin boy and a mermaid. Dream or reality?

Gecureerd door Curated by Aneta Ozorek
© Seen It! (Adithi Krishnadas, 2021)
Seen It!

A marvellous menagerie of monsters, plucked from the imagination of Mr. P. N. K. Panicker of Kerala, India, a top-notch teller of tall tales.