Irani Bag

© Irani Bag (Maryam Tafakory, 2023)

Irani Bag

Iranian filmmaker Maryam Tafakory masters different disciplines. She writes poetry, creates performances, and makes cinema. Irani Bag is a split-screen video essay that questions the alleged innocence of handbags in post-revolutionary Iranian cinema. In doing so, Tafakory provides a robust political analysis of censorship and intimacy. 

Irani Bag not only exposes a sore point of the Iranian dictatorship, but it also invites the viewer to rethink their relationship to physical contact. It landed Tafakory the Barbara Hammer Feminist Film Award at the 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

In collaboration with the feminist film magazine Another Gaze, Bozar presents a recurring programme on Iranian cinema from 1979 to the present by female and non-binary filmmakers. Tafakory’s films Nazarbazi and Mast-del will also be screened, followed by a lecture and performance by the artist.

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