Kortfilm.be’s guest programme at Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival 2023

Kortfilm.be’s guest programme at Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival 2023

© Carry On (Mieriën Coppens, 2017)

On November 3rd, Kortfilm.be presents a guest programme at the Breedbeeld Short Film Festival in Antwerp, featuring four short films by directors who each, in their own way, take a closer look at their fellow human beings.  

Through their cameras’ lenses, these filmmakers carefully observe, consciously frame, and thus question human behaviour. Their films portray a diverse Brussels—sometimes intimate and voyeuristic, poetic or fictionalised. The humanism also gives way to a cautious political note, highlighting the position of the filmmakers and the camera.

Followed by a Q&A with Farah Kassem, moderated by Laïka Planchenault.




© Les cheveux coupés (Emmanuel Marre, 2009)
Les cheveux coupés
Emmanuel Marre, Belgium, 2009, 25’

In different living rooms in Brussels, parents cut their children’s hair. We witness intimate moments between toddlers who resist or completely surrender and parents who want to succeed in their delicate task.

© Nettoyer Schaerbeek (Farah Kassem, 2017)
Cleaning Schaerbeek
Farah Kassem, Belgium, 2017, 19’

Following the Paris attacks in November 2015, Belgium’s Minister for Internal Affairs proclaimed his intention to “clean up” the city of Molenbeek. Meanwhile, filmmaker Farah Kassem, a resident of Schaerbeek, notices unusual events outside her window. She decides to alert the authorities.

© Entre-Deux (Oan Moonens, 2020)
Oan Moonens, Belgium, 2020, 18’

A fictional portrait of two boys on their way to the sports club after a long school day; while talking about all sorts of things, they make their way through Brussels, somewhat blind to their surroundings on the bus, on the tram, and the road.

© Carry On (Mieriën Coppens, 2017)
Carry On
Mieriën Coppens, Belgium, 2017, 12’

This almost silent film constructs a serene and microscopic focus on a mass of waiting individuals whose struggles nevertheless sound deafening.