Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza

© Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza (Mustafa Abu Ali, 1973)

Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza

The footage in this rare film by legendary filmmaker Mustafa Abu Ali was shot by a French news team, after which Abu Ali edited it into one of the earliest films about the occupied territory in Gaza.

Abu Ali was one of the founders of the Palestine Film Unit, the first cinematic branch of the Palestine revolution. Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza was the only film produced by the Palestine Cinema Group, which became the Palestine Cinema Institute in 1974.

Condom Lead (2013) and Shujayya (2016) will also be screened. The short film programme is part of a wider film series entitled Unprovoked Narratives that highlights the beauty of Gaza and the people that live and survive there. Admission is free.

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Dream of Silk was banned from screening in Iran. In the film, Nahid Rezaei returns to the high school she attended as a young woman twenty years ago, to talk to the young students. She asks them about their hopes for the future and their vision of an ideal life.


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Like fellow filmmakers Chris Marker and Jean-Luc Godard, French director Bruno Muel belonged to the militant Medvedkine, a group of socially engaged filmmakers active between 1967 and 1974. In Septembre Chilien, a documentary about the 1973 coup, he mixes official footage with clandestine shots of the rising opposition.