Cinema Nova, Brussels


During his heyday, Buster Keaton was known as The Great Stone Face: the American comedian is best known for silent films focusing on physical comedy and his dry facial expressions.


American underground artist George Kuchar is known for his low-fi aesthetic. He has directed over two hundred films and videos. Hold Me While I'm Naked reached 52nd place in The Village Voice’s Critic's Poll in 2000.


In Hus, Inger-Lise Hansen attempts to reveal the private layers of our lives through stop-motion and time-lapse photography. Each shot of the film opens on a hidden part of a house and exposes it to the passing light.


Hungarian Flóra Anna Buda won no less than three major film awards (in Cannes, Annecy, and Sarajevo) with her dreamy short animation film 27. It is a story about a young woman exploring her sexuality to her heart's content: lurking in the background is a socio-political message about the soured housing market in France.


Dream of Silk was banned from screening in Iran. In the film, Nahid Rezaei returns to the high school she attended as a young woman twenty years ago, to talk to the young students. She asks them about their hopes for the future and their vision of an ideal life.


Parviz Kimiavi is one of the most prominent figures of 20th-century Persian cinema. In his documentaries, he highlights various subjects in an often poetic and impressionistic way. In P Like Pelican, an old hermit in a slum wants to teach the alphabet to the street children who often come to play in his neighbourhood.


In a world where everything is forbidden except what is obligatory, a man recalls for what reasons he came to work in a very strange fast food restaurant.