Seen It!

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© Seen It! (Adithi Krishnadas, 2021)

Seen It!

A marvellous menagerie of monsters, plucked from the imagination of Mr. P. N. K. Panicker of Kerala, India, a top-notch teller of tall tales.

In Sirens, Raoul Servais builds his story on opposing two separate worlds: one of progress and industrialization, represented by huge cranes, and a world of imagination, characterized by the flutist and the mermaid. Adithi Krishnadas completely ignores this Platonian duality of looking at the world: her mockumentary Seen It! freely navigates between a universe of myths and everyday life — showing that reality is just the concept, where magical thinking and logical facts can be equally respected. Whether using port sirens or Kerala soundscapes, both animated films convincingly prove that storytelling is humankind’s most successful skill to survive.

Tekst en keuze doorChoice and text by
Aneta Ozorek

Aneta Ozorek is the Artistic Director of Kaboom Animation Festival. She has extensive industry experience as curator and organizer of film events, educational workshops, exhibitions and festivals in the European market. She is Head of Shorts of CEE Animation Pitching Forum, a member of the board of REX Animation Festival in Sweden and Short Film Conference. Ozorek is also a member of the European Children Film Association and an illustrator of six books for children.

Translated by
Animation Animatie Adithi Krishnadas, Oorjit BS, Bivha Rao, Sankha Mazumdar, Sushritta Bhattacharjee Sound Geluid Resul Pookutty Music Muziek Nandu Kartha Production Productie Nilima Eriyat
© Sirène (Raoul Servais, 1968)

A lonesome angler becomes a witness to an eccentric idyll between a cabin boy and a mermaid. Dream or reality?