The Beloved Child, or I Play at Being a Married Woman

L’Enfant aimé ou je joue à être une femme mariée (Chantal Akerman, 1971)

The Beloved Child, or I Play at Being a Married Woman

Chantal Akerman is omnipresent in Brussels this spring with a retrospective at Bozar and her entire oeuvre on display at CINEMATEK.

The Beloved Child, or I Play at Being a Married Woman, a recently restored 1971 short film, is far less well-known than Jeanne Dielman. Here, a mother seeks support from a friend, portrayed by Akerman herself, who does not utter a word. She is a peculiar presence; though present in the situation, she does not undertake any action.

The short film is an intimate portrait of a young woman who, during her day-to-day routines, reflects on her family, sex life, and body. The tension between domestic life and a woman’s inner feelings will also become important themes in Akerman’s later work.

Dis-moi, a medium-length documentary in which Akerman talks to Jewish women and survivors of the Shoah, will also be screened that evening. Dutch author Niña Weijers (Kamers antikamers, De consequenties) will discuss her and Akerman’s work with art critic Joséphine Vandekerckhove.

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Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman, who passed away in 2015, has gained worldwide fame. Nothing is quiet about her first short film, Blow Up My Town (1968). Her character is abrupt, energetic, and explosive. Something is teetering. This short film is a visionary prelude to the filmmaker’s oeuvre and life.

Thu, 05/27/2021 - 12:27

Over de kortfilms La Chambre en Saute ma ville van Chantal Akerman

In haar vroege kortfilms tekende Chantal Akerman, moedwillig maar ook onbewust, de contouren van haar eigen toekomst uit. Alle fundamenten van haar oeuvre, vormelijk en inhoudelijk, werden er gezet.


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