letter to a friend

letter to a friend (Emily Jacir, 2019)

letter to a friend

Conceptual artist Emily Jacir creates films and installations that focus on the oppression of the Palestinian people. Her solo exhibitions have been shown from Ramallah to London to New York.

In letter to a friend, she asks an Israeli architect to launch an investigation into a disaster yet to happen. Connecting images, textures, and sounds from more than a century of history, Jacir unravels layers of this ancient city and the constant threat it lives under. In the intimate film, simultaneously a video essay and a diary, Jacir pleads to register  her childhood home and neighbourhood, “before a crime is inevitably committed.”

The film is preceded by Herman Asselberghs’ For Now.

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With her films, pioneering journalist Jocelyne Saab gives exiled warriors and displaced people a voice. Her work is poetic but also has a strong awareness of her subjective role as a documentary filmmaker.


In Wild Plants of Palestine, artist and researcher Alaa Abu Asad questions the territorial extension of what is meant by “Palestinian”, while documenting the flora and topographical features of the (postcolonial) landscape in the West Bank.


The footage in this rare film by legendary filmmaker Mustafa Abu Ali was shot by a French news team, after which Abu Ali edited it into one of the earliest films about the occupied territory in Gaza.