A Short Story

© A Short Story (Bi Gan, 2022)

A Short Story

Bi Gan, China, 2022, 15’

Chinese filmmaker Bi Gan kicked off his career with two short films (South in 2010 and Diamond Sutra in 2012) but gained international acclaim mostly after his feature debut Kaili Blues and the impressive Long Day's Journey Into Night. The latter premiered at Cannes in 2018 and features an incredible long-take of a whopping 59 minutes.

His return to a shorter film fascinates, not least because of its unusual point-of-view: as a viewer, you see everything happening through the eyes of a black cat. A sequence of seamingly random encounters and observations renders this trip surreal and magical.

A Short Story is part of a short film programme during the Made In China Festival. Those who are subscribed to MUBI can also find it there.