My Neighbours

© Mes voisins (Med Hondo, 1971)

My Neighbours

Med Hondo, France, 1971, 35’

Paris, 1970s. African migrants talk about racism in their daily lives, on the labour and housing markets in perhaps one of the most important films ever made by Mauritanian filmmaker Med Hondo — winner of the Golden Leopard in Locarno for his film Soleil Ô.

My Neighbours is a short film that underlines the potential of cinema to illuminate the post-colonial state of the world. Moreover, Hondo was a much talked-about figure back in the day. As an activist, he was associated with the French Communist Party and his work as an experimental filmmaker was often a difficult-to-classify mix of animation, music video and direct documentary cinema. So is this engaging film My Neighbours.

The film will be followed by a screening of And Their Letters, the new film by Elie Maissin and Mieriën Coppens.

In the presence of the filmmakers and La Voix des Sans Papiers. Introduction in French by spokespeople Modou Ndiaye, Milady Renoir and Léïla Duquaine.