One Week

One Week (Buster Keaton, 1920)

One Week

We can never get enough of Buster Keaton, The Great Stone Face of the 1920s. One Week is the first independent film he released himself, full of new stunts in and around houses and on ladders.

In the film, a newlywed couple receives a kit house as a gift. But a spurned suitor secretly renumbers the various parts, resulting in a crooked house and spinning walls. Many impressive visual effects were not staged but filmed in real life, such as the house spinning around its axis and colliding with a train, resulting in scenes iconic to this day.

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A classic from the oeuvre of one of the comic pioneers of silent cinema.


During his heyday, Buster Keaton was known as The Great Stone Face: the American comedian is best known for silent films focusing on physical comedy and his dry facial expressions.