Guest programme at Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival

Guest programme at Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival

© Nocturnus (Meltse Van Coillie & Harm Dens, 2022)

During the 10th edition of Breedbeeld Kortfilmfestival, will present a guest programme in the non-competitive section of the festival.

Much in life is seasonal. These four very different short films borrow textures and iconography from a specific season, telling a very differnt story. A programme of four seasons in a day.

In the presence of Meltse Van Coillie and Harm Dens.




© Diorama (Emily Lefebvre, 2016)
Emily Lefebvre, Belgium, 2016, 5’

An experiment with strange birds in front of and behind the windows, pictures and maquettes, pedestals and roosters, painters and other artists.

© The Summer Movie (Emmanuel Marre, 2017)
The Summer Movie
Emmanuel Marre, Belgium, 2017, 30’

A film about highways, tourists, concrete picnic tables, lukewarm melons and carwashes. About a man who wants to leave and a child who stops him. A summer movie.

© Autour du lac (Noémie Marsily & Carl Roosens, 2013)
Autour du lac
Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens, Belgium, 2013, 5’

The breath of a jogger, a puddle, a forgotten sandwich, a squirrel. Fragments of lives that take us for a walk around the lake.

© Nocturnus (Meltse Van Coillie, Harm Dens, 2022)
Meltse Van Coillie, Harm Dens, Belgium, Greenland, 2022, 21’

In the darkness of the polar night, a scientist tries to shed light on a remarkable phenomenon: an Arctic village in hibernation. When she discovers that the sleepers are all breathing synchronously, however, she slowly abandons the role of the observer.