Palestinian Women

© Les Femmes palestiniennes (Jocelyne Saab, 1974)

Palestinian Women

With her films, pioneering journalist Jocelyne Saab gives exiled warriors and displaced people a voice. Her work is poetic but also has a strong awareness of her subjective role as a documentary filmmaker.

The stories of the titular Palestinian women are harrowing and paint an alarming portrait of degradation and perseverance. As De Cinema’s programmers put it, “History does not repeat itself; history just keeps on going. Therefore, above all, let us not look away but keep looking.”

Beirut, My City (1982), War Children (1976), and Le Front du refus (1975) will also be screened. In the four short films, Saab allows victims of the conflicts in the 1970s to speak.

The programme will also be screened on March 6.

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